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For the first time, Sandra Bullock is showing her stuff in her new flick, ‘The Proposal.’

In her 20+ year career, Bullock says this is the first time she thought being nude on film was necessary to the story. Hmmm, I can think of at least a dozen of her films that would have been much more entertaining with boobs and Bullock’s buttocks.

“This film needs my nudity to be funny,” she tells ET. So the film isn’t funny without her being nude? Or her being nude needs to be funny?

Anyways, what she really means is, “My career is down the tubes, so I have to show my boobs.” Although Bullock keeps her secret ladybits covered, there’s still plenty of skin to go around.

Bullock plays a Canadian hotshot exec working in the U.S. When her working visa is declined, she sets her sights on underling Ryan Reynolds for a trip down the aisle to gain U.S. citizenship.


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