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Hey, Paula! What’s the story? First she tells ‘Nightline’ she’s never abused or been addicted to alcohol or prescription drugs. Then she’s quoted in June ‘Ladies’ Home Journal’ of her recovery from painkiller addiction. Now, she’s told Detroit’s WKQI that the ‘LHJ’ story was not true.

“It was very stressful for me to hear that and to be quoted saying something I never said,” says Abdul. “I’ve never checked into a rehab clinic. I’ve never been addicted or abused drugs, and I’ve never been addicted or abused alcohol. I’ve never even been drunk in my life.”

“I was [at a spa] for almost three days having fun doing spa stuff. It’s not a clinic. It’s not a detox place. It’s a luxurious spa. It’s like taking a mini vacation. I just wanted to chill out and get messages and maybe a manicure and pedicure.”

‘LHJ’ says they stand by their story and “are happy that Paula decided to share our journey with us.”

Journey? Sounds like Abdul’s on one wild ride.

What’s next? Will Paula be quoted in the ‘National Enquirer’ denying she denied her addiction and rehab?


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Paula Abdul’s addiction is surely to blame for the entertainer’s entertaining diction problems over the years. From slurring during interviews, to incoherent praises for contestants on ‘American Idol,’ to strange utterings on her reality show, ‘Hey Paula.’

In the June issue of ‘Ladies’ Home Journal’ Abdul opens up about her time in rehab last November, revealing she received treatment for addiction to painkillers, muscle relaxers and nerve meds.

“I could have killed myself,” Abdul says. But thanks to treatment, Paula’s switched her meds for a mat, using yoga and spiritual therapies to help her heal.

This admission is quite the contrast to what Abdul told ‘Nightline’s’ Cynthia McFadden just a few short weeks ago, where she adamantly denied taking pain meds.

But medicated or not, I hope Paula Abdul will continue to be a shining, bright shtar who ishn’t afraid to expresh hershelf as the beautiful pershon she ish.

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Poor Paula Abdul played the fool for Sacha Baron Cohen’s, ‘Brüno.’ The ruse started when her publicist was notified that Abdul had received an ‘Artist of the Year’ award from Germany and was scheduled to film a segment for the award.

“They said they were going to film a Johnny Depp one for film, and a Scorsese one, I think,” explains Abdul.

“It was on a day of Idol, so I could do it in the morning. It was in the Hollywood Hills. So I get there, and it’s this German crew. And I never signed a release, but I guess my publicist did. And I walk into the home and I’m greeted by this futuristic Captain Nemo–looking dude with a Mohawk, and he’s flaming.

And I’m going, “Oh, this is going to be one of those fun Japanese game shows.” I’m like, okay, this is weird. Is this a variety show or something like that? So I walk in and there was no furniture except for a chair. And I’m waiting and waiting. And this guy Brüno introduces himself and I said, “Hi.” And he said, “Here have some food.” And the food looked horrible. And I said “No, I’m fine.” And he said, “It’s very, very, very good.” I said, “That’s okay, I don’t want to have it.”

And he says, “Sorry there’s no furniture.” And he snaps his fingers and says “Gardeners!” And these two Mexican guys come in, and they drop down to all fours. I see him paying them like ten bucks. They drop down to all fours and he says, “Sit down.” And I said, “I’m not doing that.” And he says don’t be like …

And I’m in a dress, so I’m tipping and holding my core muscles to not sit on them. And he pushes me down on them, and I’m like, “I’m sorry. And these two Mexican gardeners don’t speak a word of English. And I’m like patting them and I’m like, “I’m so sorry.” And he kicked one of them, and we all fall.

It was getting so uncomfortable and I’m throwing daggers with my eyes at my publicist. And they’re kicking my publicist out. And I said, “Get me out of here. This is crazy. This is not funny, this is discrimination. This is abusive stuff going on here.” And he says, “I need you to change your clothes,” and I said, “No, I won’t be doing that. I have to go to work … And by the way, where’s my award?”

I had to go to Idol and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. And as I’m going to my car, they’re chasing me with cameras. and I’m like, oh God this is so awkward. And I’m trying to hold a smile on my face and the guy Brüno’s running down the street in front of the car. It was hysterical but it was so disturbing. I was so mad at my publicist at that point. I said, “I can’t believe you signed [the release].” And my manager and attorney were trying to call the production office — and of course it doesn’t exist. So I was freaking out.

So a year goes by. And three weeks ago, my manager sends over something. He says I have no idea what this is … People magazine wants to know how it feels to be totally punked by Sacha Baron Cohen, a.k.a. Brüno. And I said, “I’ve never done anything with Sacha Cohen … They’re wrong.” So we respond — “We have no idea what this is, but she’s never worked with Sacha Baron Cohen.” And at two o’clock in the morning that night I woke up in a cold sweat. I popped my body up out of bed and I went “Holy crap! Oh my God!” And that’s what happened. And I’m dying.

‘Cause you don’t expect it. You just don’t expect it. Like I said, I thought it was just one of those Japanese TV shows where they do crazy things. They wanted me to jump up against a Velcro wall.”

Hey, Paula. Time to tell the publicist, “auf Wiedersehen.’

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In an interview with ‘Nightline’s’ Cynthia McFadden to air tonight, Paula Abdul claims to have never been drunk in her whole life and nor has she abused any prescription drugs. She didn’t mention illegal drugs, though. Just thinkin’.

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American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi admits she lets her nerves get to her on the top-rated singing competition.

“It’s not an easy job,” DioGuardi says. “I mean, there was nothing wrong with that panel. It wasn’t like I had to fix something. It was great. So to come in and kind of be part of it was really tricky. So I look at it sometimes and I think, ‘All right, maybe I could have done this better or that better,’ but I’m literally just trying not to act like a bumbling moron because I’m so, you know, nervous at times.”

“I probably in my own way didn’t really take in what a huge thing it was, just ‘cause it would be so overwhelming,” she said. “Until I kind of showed up and was like, ‘Omigod, what am I doing here? This is, like, huge!’ And then it really hit me when we went live that, wow, ‘I got to speak live in front of 30 million people?’”

That’s 10 times more viewers than her previous gig as a TV judge on ABC’s ill-fated ‘The One,’ which garnered just 3 million viewers for its debut episode in the summer of 2006. The ‘American Idol’ meets ‘Big Brother’ fiasco went downhill from there, being cancelled after four episodes.

As the fourth judge, who joined Simon, Randy and Paula on AI this season, DioGuardi has taken a lot of judgment from the show’s fans and foes alike, being called out for talking too much while not saying anything. Hey, that’s Paula’s job! Maybe that’s why Paula said earlier this year that the four-judge concept doesn’t work.

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Looking like something out of ‘Road Warrior’ Paula Abdul is always ready to do battle with Simon Cowell.

But the show made an unprecedented move Wednesday night when all four judges agreed to use the one-time only ‘Judge’s Save’ to keep lowest vote-getter Matt Giraud from getting kicked out of the competition.

I like Matt. He’s pretty dang good, but really… He should’ve gotten the boot for just thinking about performing Bryan Adams’ crappy, sappy “Have You Ever Really, Really, Really, No, Really Ever, No Really, Really Ever Loved A Woman. Really.

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Judges Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi were front and centre at the ‘American Idol’ Top 13 party on Thursday, with Paula making sure her two came out on top.

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