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Lindsay Lohan should have opted for jail instead of extended probation for her 2007 DUI (Dumb, Unconscious Idiocy). With her Dad trying to seek a conservatorship, she’d be better off behind bars. Prison bars, Lindz, not drinking establishments.

LiLo tells ‘Us,’ “I’m so hurt that someone who calls himself my father, needs to use the press to communicate with me.”

Whew. I’m still astounded that someone who doesn’t want her father to use the press to communicate with her uses the press to communicate her business with EVERYBODY.

She also lamented, “It’s so sad that he needs to stay in the media spotlight by using my name and making up excessive lies. He should instead try to be a real father.”

Poor Lohans. Somebody needs to get them into Britney Bootcamp with Jamie Spears as their conservator. Now there’s a guy who can turn a dirtbag into a goldmine.


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Apparently Kate Gosselin has some ‘splainin to do since receiving almost 9,000 questions from fans to be answered on a “special” episode of the ill-fated TLC series ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ to be aired next Monday.

Enquiring minds want to know important stuff like:

1. Whether she’ll remarry.

2. Where she sees her family 10 years from now.

3. The price fame has had on her children.

Geez, why wait til Monday? If you want to find out the answers right now, I can help…

1. Duh! The real question is WHOM will she marry? The Bodyguard, of course.

2. On reality show rehab.

3. I believe it was $50,000 an episode.

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[picapp src=”f/4/e/8/Breeders_Cup_Challenge_5880.jpg?adImageId=6259608&imageId=1808579″ width=”418″ height=”594″ /]
Upon returning to ABC’s ‘The View’ yesterday after a two-month maternity leave (only two months? How barbaric!), conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck let it slip that she mistakenly showed her booby bits to friends and family.

“You know when your baby smiles for the first time – I reach for the iPhone and take the photo. No wonder why he is smiling – because my nipple is in the photo!

It’s worse than drunk dialing!”

In fairness to drunk dialers, I’d say it’s worse than Hot Topics.

But congratulations on joining the ranks of celebrity nipple-slippers… oh, and the baby too.

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