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Khloe Kardashian is happy to be a loser.

“I recently just lost 20 pounds!” she tells Usmagazine.com.

“I try to do just 30 minutes of cardio, mandatory. Obviously if I have more time, I want to do weights, but really that cardio is what works for me because I’m bigger. Cardio is what leans me out, and it still works your muscle definition too. Any kind of cardio.

“It’s hard work, but it’s worth it, and once you start seeing results, it keeps you motivated,” she says. “Now I actually get excited. I’m like ‘I’ve got to start seeing arm definition soon,’ so I go to the gym.”

She also notes that it’s not all about exercise, you actually have to factor the food in there somewhere.

“I eat whatever I want until noon. Then from noon on, I watch what I eat.”

Good for Khloe!

Kardashian will show off her figure in a bikini on her new reality show, ‘Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.’


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Maura Tierney’s mystery illness has halted production of her new NBC series ‘Parenthood.’ While the network didn’t disclose the nature of Tierney’s condition, they stated there would be an eight-week delay while the former ‘ER’ actress receives a medical evaluation.

“The top priority for NBC, Universal Media Studios and Imagine Television is the well-being of Ms. Tierney,” says a network spokesperson. “We are unable to release further details and ask that you respect her privacy at this time.”

Get better soon, beautiful!

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No, sadly, I’m not talking about a French version of the Buzz Lightyear and Sherriff Woody flick.

La Toya Jackson has gone and opened her nutty pecan piehole in a big way to the U.K.’s Mail On Sunday, claiming her brother Michael was the victim of a sinister plot.

“I believe Michael was murdered,” she says. “I felt that from the start. Not just one person was involved, rather it was a conspiracy of people. He was surrounded by a bad circle. Michael was a very meek, quiet, loving person. People took advantage of that. People fought to be close to him, people who weren’t always on his side.”

Although L.A. police have not ruled out homicide in the death of the King of Pop, leave it to La Toya to start fueling the conspiracy theory fires during a time of great grief in her family (not to mention milllions of fans worldwide).

“They got him hooked on drugs. He was pure and clean and then drugs came back into his system. I think it shocked his system so much it killed him.

“I am going to get down to the bottom of this,” she says. “I am not going to stop until I find out who is responsible. Why did they keep the family away? It’s not about money.”

Hmmm. Is this the same La Toya Jackson who previously called her brother a pedophile, and said she could prove it… for a fee of half a million smackers?

Yup. Let the lawsuits begin.

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Former Miss Norway and Maxim model Monica Hansen was awarded a $564,555 judgement this week against plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein, who posted pix of the busty blonde on his website.

Although he had removed the photos, Hansen filed a suit in January, claiming she did not provide consent. Hansen did not admit to being one of his clients or even having breast enhancement surgery.

I’d say her boobs are about as real as her nose and her nose is about as real as her lips. And her hair colour is about as real as her roots. It’s amazing what money can buy, and now Hansen can buy more of it!

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Looks like Melissa Rycroft is getting some sweet revenge. After being rejected by whatzhizname on ‘The Bachelor,’ Rycroft bounced back to star in ‘Dancing With the Stars’ taking the second runner-up spot.

Then she nabbed a summer gig on ‘Good Morning America’ and now, the brunette beauty is engaged to Dallas insurance agent Tye Strickland, whom she’s been occasionally dating for the past two years.

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Why is Gwyneth Paltrow always getting caught with GOOP in her mouth? Miss Gwyn’s latest uppity musings have the former starlet going gaga over Spain.

“It is so different from the United States. It seemed to have a history, and the buildings are years and years and years old. Here in the United States an old building is about 17 (years old), and over there it’s from 500 B.C., it’s incredible,” she says to the Associated Press.

“Also, the way people live over there. They seem to enjoy life a little bit more. They aren’t running around as much as in New York. They enjoy time with the family. They don’t always have their BlackBerry on.”

Hey, Gwyn. It’s OK to love Spain. But why do you have to disrespect your home country in order to praise another? I know. Because you’re just soooo much more worldly, well-traveled and well… cultured than most. N’est-ce pas?

And that’s why you do stupid things like refer to Billy Joel as “William.” Makes me want to upchuck. Oops! I mean upcharles.

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Kevin Jonas is ready to ditch his promise ring.
The eldest Jonas brother who wore the Tiffany’s band to pledge his purity until marriage, will be exchanging it for a wedding band when he gets hitched to girlfriend Danielle Deleasa.

Kevin’s parents told ‘Us Magazine,’ “Our hearts are filled with joy today and we are happy to share with you that our son Kevin has asked Danielle for her hand in marriage.

“Her answer was yes, and it is such a blessing that she will be joining our family. Kevin and Danielle have not yet set a date. Family is very dear to us, and we hope we have raised Kevin to be a wonderful man and husband. Please join us in our family’s celebration and in congratulating Kevin and Danielle. Thank you for all of your support.”

Jonas met Deleasa two years ago when their families were both vacationing in the Bahamas.

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