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A grief-striken Janet Jackson attended Sunday’s BET Awards, addressing the pain she and her family are going through since her brother Michael’s shocking death on Thursday.

“My entire family wanted to be here tonight, but it was just too painful so they elected me to speak with all of you. I would just like to say that to you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family, and he will forever live in all of our hearts.”

Janet (pictured with Michael at the 35th Grammy’s in 1993) also expressed her gratitude for the support received by Michael’s legions of fans.

On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all your love; thank you for all your support. We miss him so much.”


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Former ‘Girl Next Door’ Kendra Wilkinson and NFLer Hank Baskett tied the knot Saturday at the Playboy Mansion.

Like the bride, the groom and groomsmen also wore white, although Kendra upstaged the boys with the $100,000+ platinum and diamond jewelry that accessorized her plunging princess dress.

Kendra’s brother, Colin, walked her down a white aisle to the altar adorned in white flowers.

Wilkinson and Baskett better make the most of their honeymoon while they can, as the couple is expecting their first child on Christmas Day.

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TLC promised a life-changing episode and Jon and Kate certainly delivered. Monday night’s hour-long episode of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ was the highest-rated yet, with the couple announcing their separation. Kate took the high road filing for a no-fault divorce today, when I’m sure she really blames Jon for their marital problems. But now she’s free to find a real man who works for a living and takes his responsibilities seriously.

SpongeJon Flarepants seems quite happy as well, stating he’s proud to have finally stood up for himself.

He also says, “I’m excited and hurt at the same time. I have a new chapter in my life — I’m only 32 years old.” And therein lies the problem with Jon. He thinks he’s a frat boy who doesn’t have to grow up. Wait ’til he has to get one of those job thingies. You know, where you get up and like, work for a living?

At least they have the good sense to let the kids stay in the house while Jon and Kate take turns visiting instead of carting the eight little ones to Jon’s bachelor pad every second weekend.

And I’ll bet Kate’s got a show/book/TV movie/hair product line in the works to milk the most of her circumstances. Kate-ching!

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If you’re fugly and you know it, clap your hands!

Why is everybody gettin’ all bent up about Perez Hilton’s bust up with Black Eyed Peas fist-happy tour manager? So many, many think he was asking for it. Yes, the great and powerful PerOz talked some nasty slang to Wil I Am and posts ugly bits ’bout Fergie, but c’mon, use your words, not your fists, folks. Even when Hilton’s talk is trash, that’s no reason to bash.

Now Perez is trying to excuse his use of a gay slur by saying he doesn’t speak for the gay community. (‘Cept gay marriage, I’m guessing). And I’m sure the gay community agrees with him on this one.

BTW, everybody thinks Fergie’s a fug. No harm, no foul, nothing personal on the girl. Nice chops, good humps, but fugly, nonetheless.

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Tonight’s the night we find out what’s in store for Jon and Kate Gosselin in a ‘life-changing’ hour-long episode of ‘Jon & Kate Plus Eight’. The TLC promos feature the couple revealing the ongoing problems in their marriage.

“We haven’t really known where we were going, but we’ve been dealing with this for a long time. It’s a slow progression that has not popped up one day. It’s not been like a secret,” says Kate.

“It doesn’t matter where Jon and I are in our relationship. My kids still matter the most to me.”

While Jon says:

“It just got worse and worse and worse. And with all the tabloids and all that, it just made it even worse.”

Will it be a trial separation or straight to divorce court? Or maybe something else?

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Wayuu Taya Foundation Gala in New York
At least Billy Joel has one woman who will stand by him. After three marriages and soon-to-be divorces, Joel can count on daughter Alexa Ray for support.

Last week, Joel and third wife, Katie Lee, publicly called it quits after five years of marriage and 32 years age difference. “I was the first person that he came to [with the news],” says Alexa Ray to Usmagazine.com. . “You can’t just trust everybody, and I like knowing that my father can talk to me in the same way that I come to him. I’m just supporting him right now.” The American Museum Of Natural Historys Museum Dance

Meanwhile Katie, has been hitting the town with fashion designer Yigal Azrouel.

But apparently Azrouel didn’t cause the break-up.

“This decision is a result of much thoughtful consideration. Billy and Katie remain caring friends with admiration and respect for each other,” says a source. “Everything is very amicable and it was just a growing apart.”

More like a growing up as Katie was just 23 when she wed the then 55-year-old Joel.

Better luck next time!

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Who needs a baybeh when you’ve got a $25 million payday? Gisele Bunchen does. The top-paid supermodel is carrying husband Tom Brady’s bunch.

This will be Bundchen’s first child and the couple’s first together. Of course, Brady also has a son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, with Bridget Moynahan, whom he dumped while she was pregnant.

Watch out, Gisele!

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