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Finally! The Kate Gosselin bikini pix are in. Now we can see the body Steve Neilds is guarding while Kate’s husband Jon is once again out of sight.

Gotta hand it to Kate. She’s perfected the divalish art of looking hot and cold at the same time.

Kate and her brood of eight were vacationing Sunday at upscale resort town, Bald Head Island, NC, accompanied by Neilds, the nanny and a TLC film crew for ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8.’

This oughta spike tomorrow night’s ratings!


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Photographer Rick Mendoza is suing Britney Spears and her posse for damages from a run-in or shall I say run-over back in 2007. As a throng of paps were blocking Brit’s Mercedes, she stepped on it. The gas pedal, that is, running her front tire over Mendoza’s foot.

Mendoza included Britney’s handlers in the suit, saying they should never have let the train wreck in the driver’s seat.

His lawsuit states Brit’s peeps “should have known…Britney was not in the mental, emotional and/or physical condition to operate the subject motor vehicle in a safe and reasonable manner.”

Anyone with half a flash should have known that too.

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Are the Gosselin kids workin’ hard or hardly workin’?

TLC’s soap opera called ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ is under investigation for violation of child labour laws after someone filed a complaint to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.

Hmmm. Wonder who done that?

Could it have been Kate Gosselin’s good ol’ bro’ Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi? The couple has been continually bad-mouthing Kate, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Troy Thompson of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor says, “We’re not saying that they are not complying with child labor laws. We’re investigating a complaint. We’re not saying that there was or was not a violation, just that we’re conducting an investigation.”

TLC spokesperson Laurie Goldberg said the network “fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations,” and disclosed that they have been cooperating with the Pennsylvania labour department “for an extended period of time.”

Stay tuned for the next episode…

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Looks like the Hogans all have their noses out of joint again.  Except Nick, who seems to be keeping his nose clean after being sprung from the joint. 

In a case of the pot calling the kettle crack, Brooke Hogan’s accusations about her mother’s alleged drug use has been met by a nasty reprisal from Linda. Her rep sent a letter to the Perezident, or no, I mean the Queen, Perez Hilton, taking pot-shots at her daughter’s breast implants and reefer-madness recording sessions with Daddy Hulk and boyfriend $tacks.

Perez, if Brooke continues to spew lies on behalf of her father’s lame attempt to distance himself from the reality that he is no different from the homicidal OJ Simpson, Charlie [Hill, her teenaged boyfriend] will be forced to put aside his paramedic/firefighting career path and release an album called “Redemption” which will easily surpass any of Brooke’s records sales.

Brooke has always had a problem telling the truth. If it is her claim that her breasts are natural or she hasn’t been banging the crap out of the pot head $tack for the last 3 years, then her comments of Charlie being a year and a half younger than her are again a complete fabrication (they are 4 months apart). She only judges Charlie because of his long hair and age, Linda doesn’t judge.

“Here are some cold hard facts; these people who say Linda is doing drugs are friends of Hulk Hogan. Brooke is Hulk’s only remaining mouthpiece and a pawn in his game of control. Linda will walk into any drug testing facility and take a random test and the truth will be she is clean. Put your money where your mouth is Brooke aka Hulk. Brooke “thinks” she’s doing drugs is a hypocrisy when her father and $tacks are rolling and smoking joints together in Brooke’s recording session, and Brooke knows it.

“As for Charlie, he is an accomplished spring board diver (4th in the Nationals), eagle scout and certified captain in commercial boating with his bigger goal of joining the fire department. Linda’s definition of a good time is hitting a 8:30 am mass at St Max’s grabbing some Cuban food at Versailles (her fav). We aren’t here to kiss anyone’s ass but Linda would love spend a fun California day with Perez with or without that famous garlic chicken, but you have to go to mass.”

Gary Smith on behalf of Linda Hogan
Global PR Inc

Pass it over to Hulk’s lawyer:

Brooke Hogan has spoken out in support of her father only because of her mother’s repeated fabricated attacks on him. She is in the unique position of knowing both parties in this litigation and she has only spoken as to what she knows to be the truth based upon her personal experience with each. Linda has refused repeated invitations by Brooke to reconcile and given these recent comments it appears a mother/daughter relationship is impossible at this time. It is sad that Linda Hogan continues to attempt to throw her family under the bus to gain publicity.

“In terms of the ongoing divorce suit, Hulk Hogan and his legal team would gladly take Linda up on her offer to submit to a legally supervised drug test and certainly Terry would do the same. We believe the results would speak for themselves and reveal that Linda’s idea of a good time would definitely not be appropriate for Mass or a family restaurant.”

I think all of them are a major pain in the mass!

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Kara DioGuardi had barely released Adam Lambert’s sexual identity from her iron jaw during her appearance on ‘The View’, when Lambert himself not only declared his royal gayness, but the name of the guy who shivers his timbers…

His royal Clayness!

Lambert tells ‘Access Hollywood’ “If [Clay] wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him.” Riding coattails! We all know what that means!!

Poor Adam. I don’t think Clay rides on top.

Poor Clay. How’s he going to breakback it to Adam?

I’m just speculAiken. I mean speculating.

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Nope. Contrary to rumours, there’s no bun in the Bundchen oven. Gisele’s hubby Tom Brady says his new wife is not in the family way and that, “One is enough,” referring to his son Jack from his past relationship with Bridget Moynahan.

Hmph! Leave it to Brady to not want a child with his wife! Judging from his past behaviour he’d probably just bump her and dump her. Still, I’d like to see the supermodel with some jelly in her belly.

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Not only did ‘American Idol’ contestant Adam Lambert get ousted in the final by competitor Kris Allen, now he’s being outed by judge Kara DioGuardi.

During her appearance today on ‘The View’ she says, “I don’t think that Adam was ever in [the closet].”

She also stated that she hoped Lambert’s loss was not due to his flamboyant appearance and personality. Not to mention all the internet pix of him kissing fellas.

Because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry, and they both had that,” Kara says.

As for Adam, he’s telling folks to just “keep speculating,” and that “you should own who you are and what you’re about, and never make apologies for it.”

Sounds good to me. Everybody already knows he’s gay or bi or whatever, so why do they need to hear it from Adam himself?

Maybe he has good reasons for keeping his sexuality hush-hush. He might be planning a big coming out party and doesn’t want anything to spoil his gaybutante gala.

Or maybe he’s holding out for Justin Timberlake or Hayden Christensen.

What if he’s a virgin? “You can look, but you can’t tush!”

Well, he said to “keep speculating.” So keep knocking on his closet door, but don’t knock him if he doesn’t answer.

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